Monday, January 19, 2009

Some Facts about Guyz

1. Guys like their gadgets & bikes more than a girl. Guys don't actually look after good-looking girls. They prefer neat and presentable girls.

2. Guys hate flirts.

3.When a guy says he doesn't understand you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is.

4. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about

5. When a guy really likes you, he'll disregard all your bad characteristics.

6. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile.

7. Guys will do anything just to get the girl's attention.

8. When you touch a guy's heart, there's no turning back.

9. When a girl says "no", a guy hears it as "try again tomorrow". ... so true.

10. You have to tell a guy what you really want before he gets the message clearly.

11. Guys love their moms.

12. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get you a couple of roses.

13. A guy often thinks about the girl who likes him. But this doesn't mean that the guy likes her.

14. You can never understand him unless you listen to him.

15. If a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does.

16. Beware. Guys can make gossips scatter through half of the face of the earth faster than girls can.

17. Like Eve, girls are guys' weaknesses.

18. Guys are very open about themselves.

19. It's good to test a guy first before you believe him. But don't let him wait that long.

20. Guys hate it when their clothes get dirty.. Even a small dot.

21. Guys really admire girls that they like even if they're not that much pretty.

22. If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don't need to give advice ... very true.

23. A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.

24. Guys keep secrets that girls tell them.

25. Guys think too much.

26. Guys fantasies are unlimited.

27. Girls' height doesn't really matter to a guy but her weight does! ... very true.

28. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. So watch out girls!!!

29. Guys are more talkative than girls are especially when the topic is about girls.

30. You can truly say that a guy has good intentions if you see him praying sometimes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Read and Enjoy

Read and enjoy ....

6 weeks , 6 months, 6 years . . .


Dating process:

6 weeks : I love U, I love U, I love U.
6 months : Of course I love U.
6 years : GOD, if I didn't love U, then why the hell did I propose?


Back from Work:

6 weeks : Honey, I'm home.
6 months : BACK!!
6 years : What did your mom cook for us today??



6 weeks : Honey, I really hope you liked the ring.
6 months : I bought you a painting; it would fit the motif in the living room.
6 years : Here's the money. Buy yourself something.


Phone Ringing:

6 weeks : Baby, somebody wants you on the phone.
6 months : Here, for you.
6 years : PHONE RINGING.



6 weeks : I never knew food could taste so good!
6 months : What are we having for dinner tonight?
6 years : AGAIN!!!!



6 weeks : Honey muffin, don't you worry, Ill never hold this against you.
6 months : Watch out! Don't do it again.
6 years : What's not to understand about what I just said??


New Dress:

6 weeks : Oh my God, you look like an angel in that dress.
6 months : You bought a new dress again???
6 years : How much did THAT cost me?


Planning for Vacations:

6 weeks : How do 2 weeks in Vienna or anywhere you please sound??
6 months : What's so bad about going to India on a charter plane?
6 years : Travel? What's so bad about staying home???



6 weeks : Baby, what would you like us to watch tonight?
6 months : I like this movie.
6 years : I'm going to watch ESPN, if you're not in the mood, go to bed, I can stay up by myself

Advice for Women

1. Don't imagine you can change a man - unless he's in nappies.


2. What do you do if your boyfriend walks out? You shut the door.


3. If they put a man on the moon - they should be able to put them all up there.


4. Never let your man's mind wander - it's too little to be out alone.


5. Go for the younger man. You might as well, they never mature anyway.


6. Men are all the same - they just have different faces, so that you can tell them apart.


7. Definition of a bachelor: a man who has missed the opportunity to make some woman miserable.


8. Women don't make fools of men - most of them are the do-it-yourself types.


9. Best way to get a man to do something is to suggest he is too old for it.


10. Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener..


11. If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital.


12. The children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. Even in Biblical times, men wouldn't ask for directions.


13. If he asks what sort of books you're interested in, tell him cheque books .


14. Remember a sense of humour does not mean that you tell him jokes, it means that you laugh at his.


15. Sadly, all men are created equal!


Real Feeling of Girls

1. When a girl says she's sad, but she isn't crying, it means she's crying in her heart.

2. When she ignores you after you've done something wrong, it's best to give her some time to cool down before touching her heart with an apology.

3. A girl can't find anything to hate about the guy she loves (which is why it is so hard for her to 'get over him' after the relationship' s over.)

4. If a girl loves a guy, he will always be on her mind every minute of the day, even though she flirts with other guys.

5. When the guy she
likes smiles and stares deep into her eyes, she will melt.

6. A girl likes to hear compliments, but usually not sure how to react to them.

7. When a particular guy flirts with a girl very often, a girl would start thinking the guy likes her. So if you treat a girl just as a friend, go easy on the smiles and stare ok?

8. If you don't like a girl who likes you, break it to her gently.

9. If a girl starts avoiding you after you reject her, leave her alone for a while. If you still treat her as a friend, talk to her.

10. Girls enjoy talking about what they feel. Music, poetry, drawings and writing are ways of expressing themselves (which explains why most girls like writing journals).

11. Never tell a girl that she is useless in anyway.

12. Being too serious can turn a girl off.

13. When the guy she likes calls her for the first time, the girl may act uninterested during the call. But as soon as the phone is back on the hook, she will whoop with joy and immediately start telephoning her friends to spread the news.

14. A smile means a lot to a girl.

15. If you like a girl, try making friends with her first. Let her get to know you.

16. If a girl says she can't go out with you because she has to study, leave.

17. But if she still calls you or expect a call from you, stay.

18. Don't try to guess a girl's feelings. Ask her.....

19. Hearing the words "I love you" is a great reassurance to a girl that she is beautiful.

20. After a girl falls in love with a guy, she'll wonder why she never noticed him before.

21. If you need tips on how to flirt with a girl, read romance stories.

22. When class pictures come out, a girl would first check who is standing next to her crush before actually looking at herself.

23.. A girl's ex-crush will always be in her memory, but the guy she loves now stays in her heart.

24. Girls love having fun!

25. A simple 'Hi' can brighten a girl's day.

26. A girl's best friends usually know best what she is feeling and going through.

27. Girls hate it when a guy pays attention to them just to get close to their 'prettier' friend.

28. Love means devotion, caring and happiness to a girl, in that order.

29. Some girls care about looks, some care about brains, but ALL girls want a guy who will love and care for them.

30. Girls want nothing more than to feel loved.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Things to Always Remember

1. Your presence is a present to the world.
2. You're unique and one of a kind.
3. Your life can be what you want it to be.
4. Take the days just one at a time.
5. Count your blessings, not your troubles.
6. You'll make it through whatever comes along.
7. Within you are so many answers.
8. Understand, have courage, be strong.
9. Don't put limits on yourself.
10. So many dreams are waiting to be realized.
11. Decisions are too important to leave to chance.
12. Reach for your peak, your goal, and your prize.
13. Nothing wastes more energy than worrying.
14. The longer one carries a problem, the heavier it gets.
15. Don't take things too seriously.
16. Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.
17. Remember that a little love goes a long way.
18. Remember that a lot . . . goes forever.
19. Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
20. Life's treasures are people . . . together.
21. Realize that it's never too late.
22. Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
23. Have health and hope and happiness.
24. Take the time to wish upon a star.

And don't ever forget . . .
For even a day . . .
How special you are.

Friendship Proverbs

A true friend is the best possession.

A little explained, a little endured,
A little forgiven, the quarrel is cured.

A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning.

Little boats must keep near shore
Larger ships may venture more.

It is wise not to seek a secret ...
... and honest not to reveal it.

If you would reap praise, you must sow the seeds --
Gentle words and useful deeds.

There is more trouble in having nothing to do
than in having much to do.

He who will not keep a penny --
shall never have many.

The greatest wealth is contentment with a little.

Quarrels never could last long
if on one side lay all the wrong.

Be not the first to quarrel --
nor the last to make it up.

Nothing dries quicker than a tear.

A good example is the best sermon.

He that would live in peace and ease
Must not speak all he knows,
nor judge all he sees.

Well done is better than well said.

If you do what you should not
You must bear what you would not.

A harvest of peace is produced from a seed of contentment.

Wish not so much to live long, as to live well.

Public Toilet in Switzerland

This is the outside view of the toilet

And this is how it looks when you are inside.....Would you use it??????

19 Horses

One rich man owned 19 horses when he died. In his last will and teastament he had written that upon his death, half the horses he owned should go to his only son; one fourth to the village temple and one fifth to the faithful servant. The village elders could not stop scratching their heads. How can they give half of the 19 horses to the son? You cannot cut up a horse. They puzzled over this dilemma for more than two weeks and then decided to send for a wise man who was living in a neighbouring village.

The wise man came riding on his horse and asked the villagers if he can be of any help to them. The village elders told him about the rich man's last will and testament which stated that half of the (19) horses must be given to his only son, one fourth must go to the temple and one fifth to the faithful servant.

The wise man said he will immediately solve their problem without any delay whatsoever. He had the 19 horses placed in a row standing next to one another. Then he added his own horse as the 20 th horse. Now he went about giving half of the 20 horses – that is ten horses to the son. One fourth of 20- that is 5 horses were given to the temple committee. One fifth of twenty- that is 4 horses were given to the faithful servant. Ten plus five plus four made 19 horses. The remaining 20 th horse was his own which he promptly mounted, spoke a few inspiring words, and rode back home.

The villagers were simply dumfounded, full of disbelief and filled with admiration. And the parting words of the wise man were inscribed in their hearts and minds which they greatly cherished and passed on to their succeeding generations till today.

The wise man said: In our daily lives, in our daily affairs, simply add God's name and then go about facing the day's happenings. Ever come across problems in life that are seemingly insurmountable? (Like the villagers, do we feel that such problems cannot be solved?).

The wise man continued: Add the God Principle in our daily lives and the problems will become lighter and eventually will disappear. In the manner of the ice which, with the addition of the heat principle will turn into water, and that will eventually evaporate as steam and disappear. And how do we add God's name in our daily lives? Through prayers, filled with true love and devotion with sincerity of purpose and dedication that only total faith can bring about. Meditation is a powerful means of directing the mind Godward.

But without true love and devotion entering into it, it remains like a boat without water. It is not difficult to push a boat that is floating in water, but extremely hard to drag the same boat on dry land.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 SMS Collection

Years come n go, but this year
I specially wish 4 u a double dose of health n happiness
topped with loads of good fortune.
Have a gr8 year ahead!

Nights are Dark but Days are Light,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don't get Fear
Coz, God Gift us a "BRAND NEW YEAR".

Before the sun sets in this year,
before the memories fade,
before the net works get jammed
Wish u and ur family Happy Sparkling New Year 2009

In 'The Universal Bank of God'...
God stores his blessings & deposited
365 days full of love, faith & happiness for you...
So, Enjoy spending...
Happy New Year.

Like birds, let us, leave behind what we don't need to carry…
Life is beautiful, Enjoy it. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Each moment in a day has its own value.
Morning brings HOPE,
Afternoon brings FAITH,
Evening brings LOVE,
Night brings REST,
Hope you will all of them everyday.

A new year filled woth bright beautiful
wishes for those who looks beyond the horizon.
Wishing u a truly fulfilling 2009

New Year is the time to
unfold new horizons & realize new dreams,
to rediscover the strength & faith within u,
to rejoice in simple pleasures &
gear up 4 a new challenges.
Wishing u a truly fulfilling 2009

Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Aishwarya Rai
Jennifer Lopez
Amitabh Bachhan
& me..
All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and
its first chapter is New Year's Day.

May this New Year bring many opportunities your way,
to explore every joy of life and
may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,
turning all your dreams into reality and
all your efforts into great achievements.

Hope u'll have a New Year
that starts right
and ends Happy!

My wishes for you,
Great start for Jan,
Love for Feb,
Peace for March,
No worries for April,
Fun for May,
Joy for June to Nov,
Happiness for Dec, Have a lucky and wonderful 2009

I wish U to have a .....
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvellous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have a great Year.

Good resolutions are simply checks
that men draw on a bank
where they have no account.
Happy New Year.

Year's end is neither an end
nor a beginning
but a going on,
with all the wisdom
that experience
can instill in us.
Happy New Year

Here is a wishing that
the coming year is a glorious one
that rewards all your
future endeavors with success

I Wish in 2009
God gives You...
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy...and that's all!

A Relaxed Mind,
A Peaceful Soul,
A Joyful Spirit,
A Healthy Body &
Heart full of Love..
All these are my Prayers for You..
Wish a Happy New Year 2009

Throughout the Coming Year
may your life be filled with little celebration of Happiness...
Wishes you a Bright, Happy and Prosperous
New Year 2009 with God Bless.

Before the sun sets in this year,
before the memories fade,
before the networks get jammed.....
Wish u and ur family Happy Sparkling New Year 2009

New Year begins, let us pray,
that it will be a year with new Peace,
New Happiness, and abundance of new friends.
God bless you through out the new Year.

Wishing you Happy New Year,
May u always keep in ur heart
the special beauty and cheer of New Year.

New Year is the time to unfold new horizons
& realize new dreams,
to rediscover the strength & faith within u,
to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 a new challenges.
Wishin u a truly fulfilling 2009

When the mid-nite bell rings tonight...
Let it signify new and better things for you,
let it signify a realisation of all things you wish for,
Let it signify a year of courage and believes,
Wishing you a very...very. ..very prosperious 2009.

New Year count down is about to begin.
Here's sending my choicest blessing of cheers and joys
galore and wishing you a wonderful year 2009.

As the new year takes the flying start,
may it brings peace of heaven to your house
and fills your heart with grace and glory.
Wishing you 366 days of nonstop laughter and good cheers.

May the dawn of New Year leads you to the
path of beautiful tomorrows
and brings abounding joys,
filling your heart with love and home with happiness.

As the old year comes to meet the New Year,
sending you my greetings of bliss and good health.
Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

Raise a toast to good times and welcome year 2009
with good friends & good cheers.
Wishing you eternal bliss & superb time ahead.

New Year promises fresh start
and fill every heart with hopes
and aspirations.
Here's sending my wishes of love and laughter this day and forever.

New Year is the perfect time to renew the bond of love.
Here's wishing you my love and good luck this day and always.
Wishing you the season filled with fun times and good cheers.

Let's gather around and celebrate the dawn of sparkling New Year.
May it bring gifts of joys,good health and surprises.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year.

May you achieve success
in every facets of life and all your heartfelt wishes comes true.
Wishing you a Happy New Year of Happiness & Prosperity.

New Year is meant for celebrations
and spending joyous time with loved ones.
May the beauty of New Year
be with you forever and your wishes
of peace,health and happiness ring true.

Embark on a fresh start this New Year.
May it brings sunshine to your life
and embrace you with happiness,Love and Warmth.
Best wishes for a happy New Year.

May this new year
bring many opportunities
your way to explore
every joy of life

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,
to explore every joy of life
may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,
turning all your dreams into reality
and all your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.

With all the Rose's Perfume and with all the lights in the world
and with all the children's Smiles...
I Wish U that ur all dreams comes true.

May in this new year all your dreams turn
into reality and all your efforts into great achievements

May the new Year brings new hopes,
new promises
and new reasons to celebrate your presence in your lives.
Have a Joyous New Year

May this new year adorn your life with many beautiful things and sweet
memories to cherish forever. And care of those whom the heart holds
close, along with abundant joys and happiness, for you and your family.
Wishing you life's best this New Year

On the onset of new year sending you the warmest of wishes

This note comes especially, dear Friend, to wish you a marvellous start
as the year begins. ...And hope that all your dreams come true, making
it truly a Wonderful year for you.

Better than any New Year has been and will be, Better than any joy
known or to be known, Better than any wish realised or to be realised-
that's how, this New Year should be for you. Have a great new year.

This message comes to wish you happiness and every good thing too, to
make this New Year, a wonderful one for you and then the kind of
happiness desired by your heart and family times, filled with peace and joy,
right from the start. Happy New Year 2 u & ur loved ones

May all the dreams in your eyes,
All the desires in your heart and
All the hopes in your life blend together,
To give you the most spectacular New Year ever.
Happy New Year