Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dirty Poem...But Funny

Sky is blue
water is wet
I'll make u cum
I'll make u sweat
Pressed up agaisnt my body
movin up and down
slowly but firmly
we'll move the ground.

Kissing is a habit
F**king is a game
Guys get all the pleasure
girls get all the pain.
10 minutes of pleasure
9 months of pain
3 days in a hospital
A baby without a name
The baby is a bastard
the mother is a wh*re
This never would've happened if the rubber hadn't tore!!

Sex is like math
you substract the clothes
add the bed
divide the legs
and pray to god
you dont multiply.

Roses are red
grass is green
open your legs
and ill fill you
with cream.

Hickory dickory dock
This bi**h was suckin my co**
The clock struck two
I dumped my goo
and dumped her to
the end of the block.

Sex is good
Sex is fine
Doggy style and 69
Just for fun
or gettin paid
Everyone likes getting laid

Sex is evil
sex is a sin
sins are forgiven
so stick it in

Roses are nice
violets are fine
I'll be the 6
if you'll be the 9.

I found this poem on poemandquote and thought it was pretty good. I love explicit poem..hehe

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