Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Robbery Video

This is how a parang welding men rob the house owner when they came back to their house. Happened recently.

Always stay alert when you see bike coming.(Do not putting the blame on the victims) :-)
1.The maid hesitate to close the gate fast enough.
2.The owner came back with another car park outside.Giving them opportunity to rob.
Once i suggested park with the driver door open at the house side.(this then
be parking against the oncoming traffic-but still do not break the law when
park in front of your house)
3.The driver of the car inside the house, i guess ,did not check the rear
mirror before opening the car door.Otherwise he/she could have give a
horn.Always check and ensure the gate is FULLY closed before get down from
car.Be ready to reverse to give them a bang to escape if necessary.

*Be careful always*

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