Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Guessing Game

One day Bobby heard his parents talking in the living room, and went out to see what was going on. They were playing the Guessing Game, so he decided to listen
“Ive got somethin� big, round, and red in my hand,” said Mom, so Dad shouted, ” APPLE!”
“Nope, thats not it… it was a tomatoe”
Now it was Dads turn, so he thought REALLY hard. “Ive got something long and yellow in MY hand honey,” he said aloud.
“BANANA!” shouted mom, but she was wrong.
“Sorry, it was a squash”
The next day Bobby went to school and told all his friends about this new Guessing Game. At the end of class he even told his teacher.
“Well, lemme try,” she said, so Bobby thought REALLY hard. He reached down in his pants and searched for a very long time. “AHA, Ive got it! Theres somethin hard and slick in my hand…and it EVEN has a head!”
The teacher was furious so she said ” Bobby go to the office NOW!”
Bobby was shocked at this, so he pulled out his hand and said ” Look, all I have is a quarter…”

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