Monday, November 30, 2009


As the old man lies dying in the bedroom, out in the parlor the family
discusses funeral arrangements. Son Gary says, "We'll make a real big
thing out of it. We'll have five hundred people. We'll order fifty limos."

Daughter Grace says, "Why do you want to waste money like that? We'll
have the family and maybe a few friends. One limo just for us."

They proceed. Grandson Jeff says, "We'll have lots of flowers. We'll
surround him with dozens of roses and lilies, dozens and dozens."

Daughter Alice says, "What a waste! We'll have one little bouquet,
that's enough."

Suddenly, the voice of the old man is heard, wafting weakly from the
bedroom, "Why don't you get me my pants? I'll walk to the cemetery."

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