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Beware of this scam

This story is very long BUT it is worthwhile reading it. This lady detailed out the scam and we should be thankful to her for sharing. So that you know...!

The same incident happened to someone husband a month ago. You could be the next victim so be alert!!

Same incident happen two months ago in KK, the same person called my colleague.

Just would like to share with you on what my sister has gone through for the past 2 days. For us who worked in the Bank, we know some info quoted or provided by these idiots do not make sense but for layman, they don't know !! Just be alert and careful and it may happen to anyone !!

On 4/4/11 around 1pm, I received a call from this number +0060322662222. This person mentioned that he was calling from Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Dept - Asp Foo Wei Min. First, he verified my name and ID, then he asked whether I know these 2 persons or not :

1. Lan Hong Heng &
2. Yap Chun Hong

I told him I didn't know these two persons. Then he told me that these 2 persons were caught by Hong Kong (HK) police, and they told HK police that they know me by indicating that they have a copy of my IC & bank passbook. Then Asp Foo asked me whether I have a Citibank A/c at Hong Kong, or visited Hong Kong in Dec 2010. I told him I don't have any account with Citibank Hong Kong and I didn't go to Hong Kong so how could I open an A/c with Citibank HK. He then asked me whether I applied anything at shopping complex or given a copy of my IC to anyone or colleague. I told him I have applied a credit card at shopping complex 10 years ago. He has scolded me and said "Who ask you to apply at shopping complex? Don't you read newspaper as police ask us not to apply anything at shopping complex. We should walk-in to the bank to apply for a loan or credit card."

He has then given the Hong Kong 's police (Inspector Lau Kok Keong) and phone number (0085265292148) to me and insisted that I must call this person to tell this person what I have told him and answered any question from this HK's Inspector. Also, he mentioned that if I refuse to do so, HK police can freeze all my bank accounts in Malaysia and these accounts may be frozen for 3 months or upto 3 years for investigation purposes. Thereafter, he gave me his handphone number 016-9155171 and told me I can contact him after having called the HK police or need any further assistance from him. In addition, he informed me he has checked with Immigration department and confirmed that I didn't go to Hong Kong in Dec 2010 and will fax all these info/documents to HK to support my case. (During the whole conversation, Asp Foo Wei Min spoke to me in malay)

Immediately after the phone call ended, I told my boss & colleague on what Asp Foo had told me. They have advised me to make a police report before any action being taken.

I walked-in to Salak South Balai Polis to make a police report. I have told them the whole conversation that I had with Asp Foo. The police from Salak South station had call Bukit Aman to check whether there is a person by the name of Asp Foo Wei Min. Bukit Aman confirmed that there is such a person working at Bukit Aman. The Salak South's police has then contacted Asp Foo by calling the handphone number that he has provided to me earlier. He has then spoken to me in mandarin and asked me not to worry too much and wanted me to contact HK Inspector first. Also, he said I can call him for any assistance if required. The Salak South's police has also advised me to follow Asp Foo's instruction.

When I gone back to office and have the permission from my boss, I used the office phone to contact the HK's Inspector. When the line connected, he said he will call me back in 5 minutes. He called me back and asked whether I know these 2 persons i.e. Lan Hong Heng and Yap Chun Hong. I told him I don't know them. The HK's Inspector told me they caught these 2 persons at the bank and on the spot they recovered 28 bank passbooks, 1 of the passbook is under my name. That's the reason why they have contacted Malaysia police for assistance. Then he asked me to give him info on my bank accounts, mutual funds, any combine name accounts and fixed deposits details to him as he will need to match these info with Bank Negara Malaysia to ensure the info I have given to him are correct. He asked me whether the banks in Malaysia closed at 4pm, and at that time its around 3.45pm, then he told me he will call me back tomorrow as he might be able to get the document around 10am tomorrow. Before he ended the call, he told me not to reveal this info to anyone as it will make thing worst and they wanted to keep this as P&C so that they can catch the person behind this case. (Conversation with this Inspection was in mandarin)

On 5/4/11, the HK's Inspection called me around 9.15am, he told me he has obtained the document from Bank Negara Malaysia and the info almost match except 1 item. He claimed that I have missed out 1 bank account info, he kept asking whether I have missed out any bank account, I told him I didn't miss out any account. Then, he told me I have 1 more account with OCBC, he asked me why I didn't tell him about the OCBC account. He claimed I have transferred RM180,000 from the OCBC account on 13/1/11 at 10.45am. I have a shocked and told him I didn't have any account with OCBC. He told me since I didn't cooperate with him, he will have to apply and fax a letter to Bank Negara Malaysia to freeze all my accounts for further investigation and these accounts will be frozen for 3 months or upto 3 years for investigation purposes. I told him this will be very inconvenience for me. He has then told me to call Asp Foo for immediate assistance, preferably before 10am. Otherwise, he will have to fax the letter to Bank Negara Malaysia to freeze my accounts. Then it will be very difficult to do anything.

After having ended the conversation with HK's Inspector, I called Asp Foo directly and told him what Inspector Lau Kok Keong had said i.e. he will fax a letter to Bank Negara Malaysia to freeze all my accounts in Malaysia . He said it will be very inconvenient for me and told me he might be able to help by assisting me to apply to Bank Negara Malaysia to open a SPECIAL account. He told me only they can help me to open this Special Account but he need to ask permission from his head of department and the head of department will call me in a short period of time. Just about 2 minutes, a person called and claiming that he is the head of Asp Foo. His name is Leong Kai Ming and contact number is 016-3423138. He spoke to me in mandarin. He explained to me on how this Special Account function and only they can help to apply and open this Special Account from Bank Negara Malaysia before Hong Kong police freeze all my accounts. He asked me whether I would like to open this Special Account or let Hong Kong police to freeze all my accounts. He then kept on asking me to transfer all money from my bank accounts and fixed deposit to this Special Account. In addition, he wanted me to sell all mutual funds and credit the proceed into this account as well. By doing this, HK police will not be able to freeze my account and I can get back all my money. Also, he told me they will act as a guarantor for me while applying for this Special Account from Bank Negara Malaysia .

Also, he is very angry with me as I have make a police report at Salak South Balai Polis. He told me he can charge me on the Laws as they are different from other police depts and other police cannot disturb their work. It menas I have make a "kesalahan mengusikkan kerja mereka". He told me they were now gave me 10 minutes to decide whether I need their assistance to open the Special Account.

I was so confused and called Bukit Aman at 22662222. I asked the pegawai who has answered the call to check whether there is such a person by the name of Asp Foo Wei Min working at Bukit Aman. He told me why Asp Foo again. Someone has called to check yesterday and today is me. The pegawai told me no such person and asked me just ignore that call as its a scam.

Then I went to Salak South Balai Polis again and told the police there that I called Bukit Aman this morning and they told me no such Asp Foo working at Bukit Aman. I wanted them to explain to me why they told me they called and confirmed Asp Foo is working at Bukit Aman yesterday. They can't explain to me.

Since I was there, I told them my conversation with Asp Foo and Leong Kai Min where they have asked me to open a Special Account. When the police heard of this, they immediately told me this is a scam as police will never ask rakyat to open Special Account, especially via phone. The police from Salak South station tried to call Asp Foo again but he didn't pick up the call for 2 times. He then called the Salak South Balai Polis and the police there asked him whether he is Asp Foo. He said "Yes". The police then asked him to provide his Police ID and he said his ID is G15177 and he ended the conversation after he has provided the ID. The police in Salak South station has then checked the record and confirmed that Asp Foo Wei Min is one of the police working at Bukit Aman.

I have then asked one of my friend to check and verify. He confirmed that Asp Foo Wei Min is really one of the police working at Bukit Aman but he is not in Malaysia right now as he has gone to overseas study. I have ceased all my actions and called anyone after hearing this news. However, they do call me via 0322662222 for 2 times but I ignored their calls.

Then my boss also told me his 2 friends have gone through the same experience as me, these people will keep on calling you and saying this and that, their ultimate objective is wanted you to follow their instruction to open Special Account and transfer all your money to this account!!!!!!

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