Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Whorls

While researching about multiple hair sworls i came across forum how some moms discussing about their kids double or multiple cowlicks, here are some of their comments :-

My niece has 2 whorls. She is clever and naughty.

My son got 3 hair whorl..... very stubborn

I know 2 whorls means "naughty". According to tales.

I have heard that the more whorls you have, the smarter you are. The kid must be pretty smart.

More whorl.. more worry to me...
To avoid doing homework last year, my kid inform his homeroom teacher that when he is a bb , i accidently drop him and knock his head, thats why he is very slow and his head got problem ......
The year before.... during exam... he submit a blank answer sheet, just written that "I deserve to fail since i din't study" - the kid is very smart indeed! hahaha

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