Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 things Guys want Girls to do

It is no surprise that the male mind has a lot less going on, not that they aren't smart just that they don't over analyze every word, every action etc. So when it comes to little things they want their girls to do, they mostly revolve around sex. Shocked? Well don't be, they love all the things we do for them but here are some not so well known tricks they wish we'd have up our sleeves.

1. Cook…naked: or semi naked if you are cooking ANYTHING that could splatter the sisters with hot oil. Oh and I wouldn't recommend BBQ'ing in the nude unless you have a very private back yard or elderly neighbors that can't see past their fence. Go for dim lighting, maybe walk out naked and throw on just an apron and do your best naughty Martha impression. Five bucks says you end up burning dinner.

 2. Leave the seat UP: if it's an all male roommate household and you are visiting your man, chances are you have fallen in the toilet, especially in the middle of the night. At your own house, requesting they put the seat down is fine but don't they get the same courtesy…when you are in ManLand after you do your lady business put that seat right where it feels at home. In the upright position. (note: don't touch it barehanded, yikes)

 3. Morning Sex: initiate it.

 4. Wear less make up: I have it on good authority that when you leave a Cover Girl smudge on a guys pillow they are not happy about it. Most likely you look great with some bronzer and a couple strokes of mascara. Do not cake on a layer of extra face and make your eye lashes look like spider legs. When he does see you without make up, he won't recognize you.

 5. Watch porn with them: Yes they watch it, yes they like it. You probably already watch it occasionally so why not watch it together. There really isn't a good way for him to ask you to watch porn with him, it will all come out and make him sound awkward so pick one up or watch one together online.

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