Friday, July 20, 2012

Viganella - A small Italian village builds giant mirror to end 83 days of darkness

Approximately 120 kilometers north-east of the Italian city of Turin is the village of Viganella. It is a small community of a couple hundred German Buddhists, is located near the Swiss border, in an alpine valley at the foot of high mountains. It was in this mountain, and was the main problem. Every year from November 11 to February 2, Village plunged into the gloom. 
On the whole 83 days the sun ceased its cover, hiding behind the mountain. The Village Square, which on ordinary days the children were playing and adults were collected, emptied, and life in the village like a standstill. This is very worried about the rural elder Perfranko Mead. The solution came up with the original: on the neighbouring hill found a giant mirror reflecting the sun's rays into the valley. Automation monitors the progress of the sun and turns the mirror to the desired angle. Fabrication and installation cost about 100,000 euros.

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