Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bleduk Kuwu – Mud Volcanoes in Central Java

Bleduk Kuwu - one of the most famous places in the district of Grobogan Central Java, Indonesia. Literally, the title translates as "Mud explosion." Ride like a cross between a pool of mud and volcanic eruption, while maintaining a soft, comfortable temperature. Guests love to watch the region's large bubble nucleation and to see how its contents scattered along the territory of the explosion, resembling cannon shot. The most amazing thing is that the "eruption" on the surface together with the dirt comes out clean water, more precisely, its pair. The distance from which you can enjoy what is happening, is 10-20 meters.

Legend has it that the explosion comes from a tunnel that connects the site to the mystical "Laut Selatan" or Indian Ocean. The tunnel is a passage for a mystical knight, Joko Linglung, and allows him to move between Laut Selatan and the Medang Kamulan Kingdom, the area of which includes today's Grobogan.
The natural phenomenon is caused by the release of gas, usually methane, from inside the earth bed. 

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