Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cure for Uric Acid - Green papaya cube with green tea

Uric acid sufferers who drink green tea with green papaya cubes
have enjoyed very effective improvements.

Those who suffered from gout also found this tea effective.

Professor Lai (from China School of Pharmacy)'s new treatment :
- cut the green papaya into small cubes.
- boil the papaya cubes
- add these papaya cubes to your green tea
- take it regularly

Rende Township, Tainan County's mayor Liu Qing was suffering from gastric pain for many years, after taking green papaya drink for a month, he was surprised that he has recovered. Some of his family members also recovered from gout problem after drinking this tea. Drinking papaya tea is not taking medication, Liu, therefore plants a lot of papaya and distribute the papayas to the sick relatives, friends and folks.

According to Mr Liu, the best choice of Green Papaya (round fruit with large capacity), cut the top of papaya (to be used as cover when you are making the tea), discard the papaya seeds, dig a small opening by the side (to allow the vapour to escape), put the tea leaves into the papaya, pour boiling water into the papaya and cover back the papaya by using the cut piece. Tea is served.

According to the local farmers, papayas will take about four months to mature, when the papaya is riped, the nutrition value will be much lower. Green Papaya harvested about three months or so contains high papaya enzyme,
and vit.B, good to make drink with green tea, you can also boil and cuts into small pieces, cook with the ribs, or fry with garlic and serve as a dish on your table.